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Going Beyond The Organic Standard

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Welcome to Freedom Poultry

At Freedom Poultry, we are committed to providing the highest quality, sustainably raised poultry to our customers. Our birds are raised on pasture, going beyond organic standards, and receive the highest quality care. This is better for the land and the bird. We believe that this commitment to our birds and our environment results in a superior product that is both delicious and nutritious. We invite you to learn more about our operation and the benefits of choosing Freedom Poultry to feed those you love the most - your family!

Our Convictions

At Freedom Poultry, we take pride in the care and attention we give to our birds. This drives us to hold tightly to several convictions:

Dignity of the animal

We believe that these birds were created by God and that we are stewards tasked with caring for His creation. Because of this we respect the birds and strive to provide them with the best life possible. From the day the chick is hatched, to the day that it is slaughtered, our birds are given the highest level of care - the cleanest water, the highest quality feed, and the healthiest pastures to roam.

Beyond Organic Standards

We feed our birds a 100% organic diet of corn-free, soy-free, and seed oil free food. In addition, we provide crops (cowpeas, millet, sorghum, and buckwheat) that have been grown on our property utilizing regenerative farming techniques. We have never used chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides - and never will. We utilize rotational grazing and pasture rotation, ensuring that our birds are always on fresh ground. This minimizes disease risk and provides our birds with the ability to forage and hunt for bugs. This is why we believe that pasture raised birds are simply better than just organically raised birds.


We have nothing to hide! Our process is open to our customers and we are available to answer questions. To facilitate this, we have sought to document much of our process on our YouTube channel.

Our Products

At Freedom Poultry, we offer a pasture raised poultry that will not only satisfy your taste buds, but is healthier than conventional factory farmed birds. Because of their varied diet of grains, green forage, and bugs, our birds are loaded with nutrition that cannot come from birds raised completely on poultry feed.

Our chickens and turkeys are available fresh or frozen (depending on time of year) and we offer both whole birds as well as various cuts of meat.

We are confident that our products are sure to enrich any meal for any occasion, from a weeknight dinner to a special holiday feast.

Interested in purchasing a pasture raised, organically fed chicken or turkey? Contact us today!

About Freedom Poultry

Freedom Poultry is Aggie owned and operated in Central Texas.

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